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    Contact us

    The contact us page on the wowtcg site does not seem to be working, i submit my email and it goes to a blank page and does not send me an email even tho i checked the box to do so. Is there an email address i can send an email to?

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    Hello Oimalycan,

    If you provide information on what your question is about, our team can rather answer your question here, or provide you the email address of the correct team to send your email to.

    Our web team is currently looking into the issue with the "Contact Us" button on the page.
    Ry Schueller
    Cryptozoic Entertainment

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    I am working with a local game store that has been asked to run a sanctioned event at a local convention.

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    If you're looking for convention support, we run this through our volunteer (Champion of the Black Flame) program. Please email with information about this event.
    Ry Schueller
    Cryptozoic Entertainment

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