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    Customer Issue.....Just purchased The Walking Dead Board Game......

    I purchased The Walking Dead Board Game tonight at my local comic book shop and when I got it home I discovered that there were 39 Scrounge cards inside, but the box states that there are supposed to be 40.

    I counted the cards several times just to make sure that it wasn't a counting error and even had my wife count them as well just to be sure. I indeed only have 39 cards.

    The cards I have are as follows:

    Axe x 3
    Baseball Bat x 4
    Crossbow x 4
    Non-Lethal Wound x 2
    Pick x 3
    Handgun x 4
    Rifle x 4
    Sack of Guns x 3
    Shotgun x 4
    Giddy Up! x 4
    Shortcut x 4

    That's a total of 39 cards. I have no idea which card I am missing.

    When I brought the game back to the store telling them about my problem, they instructed me to contact the manufacturer.

    I do have my receipt that I can provide if need be, but how can I get the card that I am missing?

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    You'll probably want to send an e-mail off to with all these details. People have been reporting slow response times to e-mails recently so you may have to wait a while, but from what I've heard they're pretty good about fixing manufacturing errors.
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    I've been waiting for 2-3 weeks now for a reply from player@crypto. Not even an auto response saying they received my email and will look into it

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    I've sent an email to I really hope I get a response as I'm upset about missing a card.

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