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    If he had been up front with it and maybe did not have a bad history and a bunch of other odd behaviour I might agree with stupnick. When you take it all into account I understand why the store banned him.
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    Oh i completely agree with the OP situation...

    I was simply stating that proxies could actually help and grow your playerbase, by showing that you care more about growing the game then winning and trumping everyone
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    I get what you are saying. Our group has really been growing by leaps and bounds. A TO stopped by to check on us and could not believe our attendance. The groups growth I believe is because their opinion matters. Example every 1st Battlegrounds Meet Up they know they can count on a 4 round Swiss classic unless there is a release or another event. We meet go over score card and put together the meet up events for the month. The biggest problem I have with them is older members want to raid but old Raid decks can't compete with new cards. It is no fun for a new member to sit in a raid that is over in 30 minutes and they never got to really play. The Dungeon Decks did not do so well with my group. The self working deck is a great idea because no one wants to be the boss but my folks kill them in about an hour or less. So I have put out a challenge for the players. Put together your own Raid Deck and we will play it in a casual meet up. I will have to address the proxy idea with the senior ( I do mean that kindly ) members of the group to get their opinion. Maybe we can set it up as a side event before the Tournament starts. Thanks Again for the input I do appreciate it.
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    We had a lot of discussions around here in regards to proxies in tournaments as well. While several players were adamant that it made it easier for newer players to compete, it was the highly competetive players saying that and the newere players do not want proxies. We even have a group of 5-6 players who only show up at releases and limited events because they own no cards, and only play proxy decks together at home.

    The volunteers in our area had the discussion and set the official policy locally that no proxies would be allowed in any sanctioned events in order to meet written CZE Tournament policy. We welcome people to proxy and practice with decks at the shop to decide what they want to buy for their decks, but when it comes to the sanctioned BG events they have to have the cards. Selling singles in the store always helps as does an active community who willingly lend cards between each other to help players try out a proxy before they invest $100 on a playset of Twilight Citadel for instance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LadyMaureen View Post
    He was able to get 12 infractions in just 2 rounds. That just might be a record.

    ...i'm guess you weren't at DMF #1 in Austin, then. heh.
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    I thought BG usually have the monthly play mat on the line and certain cards if you place high enough . I have heard of places allowing proxies for people to test decks out before the buy cards, even in Battglegrounds. I am used to play testing being between friends casually and allowing proxies .
    Personally, I find that we advertise a certain event through the WoWTCG website and players can find what format is being played . All the rules for that format are posted and linked through this site , adding or changing the rules to something else would sorta be withholding info. Think if they had a DMF that they waited till day one to inform people that it is Core , but you can only have one of any given card . I know people will say it is different since a DMF and a BG are on different levels, but cheating is still cheating , lieing is still lieing .
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    Thanks for the input!

    Store has a no proxy rule because of the number of folks that play. Store is 7000 square feet with a massive card playing area which sets about 240 with room to expand for more players. Example if I allowed my WoW TCG group to use proxy cards then the Magic Group would want to know why they can't proxy in 4 Jace the mind sculptor (which are $85.00 a piece) for their event. So it is a standard that must be followed. If they are playing casual then to proxy is cool cause you want to see how it works before you buy it. My folks get an outline of what events are being played for the month. Everyone knows the first meet up is free and is classic unless there is another event going on and they are given a 2 week notice so that they can prepare. Every month on our first meet up we go over the events on the schedule and what will be expected. We have down time to do some deck improving while we get ready to start the BG event. Some of my over achievers show up 6 hours before just to work on their decks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stupnick View Post
    Not sure on that as I haven't heard anything...

    There have only been 2 attempts at proxies, in the last year at my battlegrounds, One was when someone ordered 4x fordragon hold for a deck and they didn't come in, she proxied them for that day.

    The other was a new player who wanted to test a deck before he placed his order.

    As I said, no one has had a problem at all with either of this, and actually encourage it. We are a casual play group and just enjoy playing the game.
    Hey's in the Volunteer forum. You can't use proxies in a sanctioned BG event ever according to Jen.
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    IF you are going to allow proxies in a BG event, I suggest the following:

    The proxy must be either a) card text written in marker on a different WoW card (not point card because some opaque sleeves are JUST transparent enough to see if it's a WoW TCG back or an advertisement), or a piece of paper slipped in front of a WoW card (opaque sleeves MUST be used, in case the paper slides to the side where it could be seen from the back).

    Using an index card inside a sleeve is a pure no-no. If it's in there with a WoW card, the sleeve is noticably thicker than non-proxies, and if it's in the sleeve by itself, the corners or whiteness of the edge still give the fact that it's a proxy away.
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    I think the proper decision is just don't allow them in ANY sanctioned event locally, period.

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