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    Youngling and FF cards

    I was wondering if anyone had any extra copies I could acquire. Also if someone could upload a pic of each so I could use them temporarily.

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    I'd love to get info on how to get these cards. Where is my Fruit unicornpooper? My game is broke!

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    They were probably promo cards from PAX or something.
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    They were Promos at PAX , thank god I picked up my 5 copies. I think they will be able to get them through ordering the game through crypto's online store.
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    I figured they were Pax giveaways. How about something for the rest of us who love the game and paid for it? This shit is getting out of hand. When did boardgames become hostage to DLC bullshit? At least give us a PDF option.

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    care to sell one of those copies? 5???

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