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    Individual problem with prizes


    I have emailed player@cryptozoic and been talking about this with some people who work at CZE but still nothing has happened.
    I won the Nagrand realm championship (WoW TCG) and still have not recieved my prize.
    The other VIPs got their prizes 2 months ago.
    As I know everyone except me.
    This is not the first time my prizes got delayed for some mysterious reason I cannot understand. (I provide my data in time etc.) At the world cup my teammates recieved their gift cards 2 months earlier than me.

    Please would someone contact me about this?
    It seems like nothing is happening to solve this situation.

    Thank you

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    Hey Gábor,

    It's not really appropriate to be making the same post in multiple forums.

    Replied to this already here:
    Ry Schueller
    Cryptozoic Entertainment

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