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    Already Used loot card?

    Hi there i've just tried to enter a loot code for a card and it said it was already redeemed on another server?

    Can anyone point me an email so i can fix this issue or?

    Thank you, kaiz0rd.

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    When a code is redeemed from the website, that code is "used," so you need to be very, very sure you have the correct region and realm information. Otherwise, you risk not being able to redeem your code for an item. Your code cannot be used a second time.

    You may want to go back through the process and make sure you typed this code correctly from the card into Blizzard's promotions page. If you continue to get this message, you may want to attempt the second code inside Blizzard's game, to verify that it doesn't work for the Region and Realm that you play on.

    In addition, an issue that can occur is when you redeemed this code for the first time, you inventory was full. Blizzard’s website clearly states that failure to have at least one inventory space available when redeeming promotional items will result in the loss of the item. This code can not be used a second time. If you are intending to contact a GM about this issue you should inform them that you have a problem with a “Lost or Missing item,” not a defective promotional loot code.

    Please be aware that once a code has been entered through Blizzard’s Promotional page and informed a customer of the Region and Realm that the code has been redeemed on, Cryptozoic Entertainment no longer has any power over the item. Cryptozoic can not move or replace items inside Blizzard’s online game.

    We hope this information is helpful, and we are sorry for any inconvenience caused by this. If you have any other questions or concerns please don't hesitate to contact us at
    Ry Schueller
    Cryptozoic Entertainment

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