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    Happy The Walking Dead Trading Card Release Day! Post your pulls inside!

    We all want to see what you get. Post your pulls in this thread!

    Good luck!

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    Looks like this was a hit! I sure wish more people roamed these Forums of the Walking Dead...

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    what I pulled

    I pulled some good cards got a whole case from my local comic shop not a at one time becouse I had to pay retail for them but was like thier only costumer for walking dead cards. They were not a big hit in my area. I got 2 Morgan auto, a Daryl auto , Glenn, Shane auto a lot of walker wardrobe cards, a Daryl wardrobe card, a Glenn wardrobe , Lori, Shane ,nicotero wardrobe lots of foil cards. But I was dissapointed a whole case and no.sketch card. Plus my Daryl wardrobe came with a crease in middle from when the card was made becouse its only on the front of card. Rite were the thin top card meets the thicker back part of card. I wrote to crypto about thies issues to see if thiers something they can do, but I have hope they will I have heard nothing but good things about them fixing problems like my own. I was very happy other wise I am a collector not a seller so the cards mean a little more to me as I am sure they do to all collectors who collect for fun and not profit.

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