I submitted the app 1 month ago. Did all the legwork of getting my shop in Los Angeles to let us hold battlegrounds there by contacting them, making a facebook page, calling up people, posting to countless pages, etc etc. We are the only shop in Greater LA and it was all due to the hard work of myself (and 1 other friend).

We have had about 3-4 battlegrounds since the beginning of December and CZ actually got us our first kits in time for Winter Veil. The manager of the store took it upon himself just to become the TO since he became interested in the game as well. I went out and took the Lvl 1 just test and passed it to take care of that too.

So........ how come I can't even get the CZEV application approved? I got all this started and I can't even seem to get someone to acknowledge the application I put in, approve it, and give me some satisfaction for all the hard work to get this going. Can someone respond?? It's been over a month. I think that is more than enough time... and considering we got numerous responses from CZ to setup this shop, get kits, and get sanctioned as an official store all in 1-2 weeks, there has to be someone behind that desk that is responding to those other requests, but just doesn't think that the CZEV program is a priority.