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    A Bit of a Sticky Situation Here

    Hey folks, greetings from Brazil (:
    I'm trying to get this game growing, a Friend showed to me and I was a MTG freak some years ago and I got really hyped becaue WOW TCG has such high-quality.
    I'm trying to start some official WoW events on Paraná, a state that currently has no official sponsoring or events, the city will be Curitiba (2 million people), I have the ideal place to ask for sponsorship I'm not in the city right now but as soon as I come back I will present the idea to the owner, is a pretty popular TCG player store.

    I passed the judge level 1 test, the catch is that I don't have a CZE ID and I can't have one because we have no official gaming places to get one, how should I proceed? Can Cryptzoid grant me an ID so I can present myself as a Judge to those official events and we can expand the official WoW TCG community in Brazil?

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    to get the id you need to get a local hobby store, probably the one you had mentioned above, to send an email to the hobby email that can be found on the wowtcg website, and get the battleground kits. inside the kit will have a way of getting the cze #

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