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    Question Zangarmarsh's Realm Qualifier Sanctioning IDs


    I'm John Carlo Querubin, a level 2 volunteer judge in Zangarmarsh who judged the recent RQ last January 21st at Subas Resto. I was not given the Sanctioning ID to this event. I already approached Jonathan de Joseph (L2) and Freddie Tan for the ID but was told that they did not have it. JDJ told me Ry Schueller may be the one who created those events.

    Is there a way to get in touch with Ry or any other way to get those sanctioning IDs so that I may upload the results?

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    There is!

    Email us at about the events you're responsible for, and I'll get things fixed up for you and Freddie.
    Ry Schueller
    Cryptozoic Entertainment

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