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    Thumbs up 2-Player Targeting Questions

    If you're playing a 2 player game, and a card says to target the players on your left AND right, does that mean that your opponent gets targeted once or twice?

    Also, there's a card (sorry, I forget which, Nu-cu-lar something) that does 3 damage to the opponent 1 damage and all adjacent players. In a 2 player game, does that mean that the original caster then takes 1 damage?



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    Since your opponent is the only person on your left and on your right, yes, he would get targeted twice.

    Yes, since you are adjacent to your opponent, you'll take 1. This also happens any time you cast that spell towards anyone adjacent to you regardless of number of players.
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    2-player targeting: Actually, you only get targeted once per spell effect. Some cards, like Thundering, can produce multiple effects and therefore can hit the same player more than once.

    Nuke-U-Lur Meltdown: Yes, you would take some splash damage in this case.
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