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    RCQ Judge Feedback

    Just wondering if everyone else had these issues.

    1. Every judge call I made during a match had to do with timing on the stack. Players were asking me to clarify how it would interact if there intended effect was X. I refused to tell them how to get their effect but would confirm or deny whether or not their plan would work.

    2. Each round during random deck checks we had to tell players to resleeve at least a handful of cards. Not a single player had clean sleeves. One player got a little pissed, a few others thought their sleeves were okay and made be show the creases and tears.

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    #1 has been an issue as long as I've been playing. Folk simply don't understand the chain or are unwilling to discuss with their opponent how effects are stacking. Rather than talk, they'd rather get a judge to baby them.

    #2 is going to be raw nerves because you're functionally telling a person to go spend another $5-$10 bucks on the spot or be done for the day. Given how far folk are driving for some of these RCQs, and especially with a $30 entry fee for the months of March and April, they're not going to be happy to be singled out.

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