Some more questions

- The Echo key (and other color-changing keys) allows you to place a card under it "during a challenge".
According to the clarification of the meaning of "during a challenge", does this mean you can place the card out of your turn (respecting your 3 card limit)? e.g: I play two white cards on my turn, and after cards are revealed, I activate the echo key and place one additional card bellow it from my hand.
Or does it just mean that whenever I get to place a card (by some other means eg: Ghost Key) I can place it on the Echo key?

(We have used to later interpretation but i'm not sure.)

- If a card placed with the Echo key is stolen (before being revealed), will it still be painted when revealed?

(We assumed yes)

- If the Anywhere key is acquired during resolution by the winner of a challenge, can it still be played on time to take advantage of the effect on this round? Similarly, If I acquire a Ghost key during resolution, can I immediately use it to add a new card to play (and, for example, trigger a combo ?)
(we assumed no)

Thanks for your help,