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    Promo Spell Cards

    Hi All,

    I have just purchased this game from my FLGS, and I was wondering if there was any way to obtain the promotional spell cards for it.

    I am glad to buy them from wherever they might be available.



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    I would like to know where to get these as well. Having finally got my copy here in Australia after waiting nearly 3 months on back order I would love to pick these up.

    How do I go about getting these Cryptozoic? I don't see anything on the product page.....

    -Brendan N.

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    Me too!
    I ordered Epic Spell Wars from the UK when it came out and would like to be able to get the promo cards.

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    Unfortunately, Cryptozoic does not offer its promo cards up for sale as separate items. They can only be obtained via events / trade shows or are included with the purchase of our games on our e-store or through select hobby store retailers.
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    Where might one partake in one or more of these "Epic Spell Battle" Events?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mightyeroc View Post
    Where might one partake in one or more of these "Epic Spell Battle" Events?
    Origins Game Convention this weekend in Columbus, OH.
    Las Vegas over Father's Day weekend
    San Diego ComicCon mid-July
    GenCon Indy mid-August
    Penny Arcade Expo in Seattle over Labor Day weekend
    And various others.

    That's just over the next 3 months. Just keep tabs on where Cryptozoic is hosting events.
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    is there an overview available of the current promo-cards?
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