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    clarification - buying green/red and gold cards not allowed in same turn?

    The language about buying cards in the instruction booklet for RiR makes it sound as if one is allowed to buy either red/green cards OR gold cards in a single turn -- so if I had 4 tokens and 8 tubes, I could either buy 1 gold card (either 3/3 or 4/4) OR I could buy a combination of green + red cards.

    Is this how it's meant to work? Or is the language this way just to emphasize that gold cards require both resources?

    If this limitation *is* true, I'd be curious as to hear the reasoning behind it.

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    Just meant to emphasize that Gold takes both. The rules of the game are always "buy as many cards as you want/can."
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    Awesome - thanks for the clarification!

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