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    Exclamation Unofficial Board Game Expansion

    I have modificated this great Board Game to a 6 Player Game and a lot more.



    Original Board Game from Cryptozoic required!


    - Full 6 Player Support (original max. 4 Players)
    More Player means more Action. Dive in the world of The Walking Dead with your friends.

    - Altered all Character-Cards for the look of Season 3!
    Character Plates have the actual look of the show.

    - Updated special abilities for each characters
    Each character has his unique matching special ability.

    - Added 20 Scrounge Cards
    For six player support!

    - Added 6 new playable Characters
    Choose Daryl, T-Dog, Michonne, Maggie, Carl and Hershel

    - Added 4 Zombie character pieces inclusive female zombies
    You can choose more Zombie Pieces to hunt the survivors.

    - Added 6 Special Ability Tokens
    Now you can track, if a special ability has been used up.

    - Added 1 Team Zombie, 1 Team Survivor Token, 8 Ally Tokens and 8 Location Tiles
    For six player support!

    - Added new Encounter Cards
    More variety of Walkers will try to kill you on the streets.

    - Replaced original map with 16 Map Tiles for a new random map every game
    You don't longer need the original Game Board. With 16 Street-Squares called Map Tiles you build a different Atlanta each game. Every new game needs a new strategy.

    - Added 2 new Corner Locations: The Fuel Station and the Pawn Shop
    Introducing new Locations to the game. With the Pawn Shop, you can get Fate Cards or your Special Ability back. Or you decide to visit the Fuel Station to get more movement with Jerry Cans. You still need only 4 Locations. It's your decision.

    - Added 2 minor new Buildings: Motorcycle Shop and Firestation

    These buildings can upgrade your character, if you got the special Fate Card in your hand.

    - Added 12 Jerrycans for the Fuel Station
    Jerry Cans are everywhere in Atlanta. You can collect Jerry Cans for the Fuel Station to provide your character a faster movement. But watch out, other survivors want them too.

    - Added 27 different types of FATE Cards for advanced strategy (total 45 cards)
    This is a brand new deck of cards. Fate Cards are kept hidden in your hand and can be played on yourself or on other survivors. Some are good, some are nasty. Are you a good guy or a bad one?

    - Added Prison Map Tile (Alternate Camp)
    You can head back with your 4 Locations to the Camp or try the saver way to the new Prison. But be carefull, the prison has many fences and you have to stop many times to get into the building.

    - Added 6 different new Walker Cards
    Walker Player get 6 new different Walker Cards to kill the remaining survivors

    - New Sewer System
    Walkers can use Sewers to move quickly through Atlanta to head up the survivors.

    - Added New Encounter Boss Cards: Walker Herd, The Governor and Merle Dixon
    With the new encounters, there are Boss Fights. Fight together against the Walker Herd or battle with another survivor with Merle Dixon. But be aware, the Governor is out there and he is unpredictable and dangerous.

    Best Regards from Austria and thanks to Cryptozoic for this great game!



    IMPORTANT/DISCLAIMER: This expansion is unofficial. I am in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers. No copyright infringement is intended.
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    Looks like fun!
    As for the clips... we don't sell them separately. If you have a boardgame collection, you can probably scavenge some from another game. Or tape a coin to the bottom of the character piece to create a base.
    Original Designer
    DC Deck-Building Game

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    Thank you, Matt. It was a lot of work, but it was worth it!

    Unfortunately I don't have another board game with these sort of clips. I tried the coin suggestion, but that's not good. Tried to build something on my own, but nothing worked well so far. Bad luck, that I can't buy them somewhere...

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    Wow Whesley, that's awesome. May I ask how you went about making that stuff?

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    Quote Originally Posted by daverian View Post
    Wow Whesley, that's awesome. May I ask how you went about making that stuff?
    Sure! First of all you need to scan in all the stuff. I used Adobe Photoshop and Indesign to alter the graphics. Than I printed out all pieces and clued them on a shoe box. Next step, cut it out. There you have all tokens and character pieces. The scrounge cards were to thick for my laser printer, so I printed them out in a Copy shop. Took me about 6 bucks.

    I really recommend everyone to modificate it for 6 players. Its just awesome with 6 friends. Played about 14 hours last weekend and it was a lot of fun.

    Special abilities for the new character:
    Michonne can add 1 to every melee weapon she uses on an encounter.
    Maggie can change a Giddy up card for an ally.
    Carl can distract a walker player and move him/her back to spawn space in the sewers.
    Daryl can get back all his crossbows after a fight, even there was no 5 or 6 rolled.
    T-Dog can instantly move to another survivors space, if he has no allies left.

    I finished a custom map named Streets of Atlanta. We have to test it first, but if the map is fun, I can share it with the community.

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    Get back in the house, Carl!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZerinaX View Post
    Get back in the house, Carl!
    Hehe lol, ZerinaX, Carl is good in the survival endgame or in Teamgames. No need for him to stay in the house!

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    Hey Whesley, your mod sounds great. Would you be interested in selling a set? If not I have a couple more questions about making the stuff. What are your 20 extra scrounge cards? Going thru my deck I see there are 11 different types of cards, so did you add 2 cards for every set of 4, add 1 card for every set of 3 and add 1 for the set of 2 and making the ZOMBIE GUTS card the 20th card? So the 6 player deck would consist of:
    6 AXE
    6 RIFLE
    4 PICK
    6 GIDDY UP
    6 HAND GUN

    Is that correct? Also what did you make the extra scrounge cards out of? Did you also glue to shoe box and cut it out or did you print it up on photo paper and cut it out or glue it to another playing card? You may want to patent this idea. You did a really good job.
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    Hello Smoke!

    You are right! That's exactly the additional deck! I went to a copy shop for the additional Scrounge cards, because they can print on heavy paper front and back. Took me about 10 $, because they cut them too. With the golden line, you can quickly shuffle them out, if there are only 4 players or play hardcore mode, shuffle the whole deck and took away 20 cards. Oh god, there are often no Non lethal wound cards left or only 2 shotguns and so on.

    The rest is glued on a shoe box and cut it out. Used a laserprinter, because with ink printer the color will go away fast on everything.

    I don't sell or patent, because the stuff is owned by Cryptozoic and AMC.

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    We tested the stuff and balanced some things:

    Special abilities for the new characters:
    Michonne can add 2 to every melee weapon she uses on an encounter. (previous 1)
    Maggie can change a Giddy up card for an ally and a Scrounge card. (+ Scrounge Card)
    Carl can sneak away from an encounter he just drawn. He win and lose nothing. Can not be used on a walker player attack or onto a corner space.
    Daryl can shot his personal crossbow after a fight with the attack strength of 4. (like the axe, just on himself)
    T-Dog can instantly move to another survivors space, if he has no allies left. (works fine)
    Lori can move any survivor 4 spaces. (previous 1, just to weak)

    New Map "Streets of Atlanta" is in final test phase and works fine so far.
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