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    Shortcut - a cheap tactic

    This tactic for Shortcut seems so cheap it should almost be outlawed, so I must ask if this is actually allowed or not via your rules. Even if it is, we could create honor rules for this sort of thing, but I'm curious.

    Example, Player A is moving around the board, he has been to the X spots already:

    X--------------------------XA <----He is currently on this corner, and heading towards the Y, his last goal
    | |
    | |
    | |
    | |
    | |
    | |

    If I have a shortcut, and we are against eachother -> he JUST gets that location tile on the X he is currently on, then it comes to my turn. Could I play shortcut, to put him backwards just a single space?

    Then, if he chooses to go forward, he has to stop and have two more encounters. Otherwise, he has to go back through the camp which will take him about twice as long. Is this a legal tactic?


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    My drawing didn't work, but I hope it makes sense! I will clarify further if it doesn't. And, I guess I should clarify my question perhaps: Can you use shortcut on a character that is on a corner space?
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    Yes, that is a legal tactic and pretty nasty. However, he could get lucky and land on a "take another turn" space. Also, on his second turn after your nasty move, he is very likely to be able to Yield at The Camp and draw no Encounter.
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