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    "Cards that cost 1 or more" clarification

    There are cards that has effects involving other cards that cost 1 or more, such as Puppy Cuddles ("Each opponent reveals the top card of his deck. If it costs 1 or more, he gains a Pax Pox.") and the Gold Boss Loot Razor-Sharp ("Critical: You choose a card in each opponent's discard pile with cost 1 or greater. Gain those cards.") Now my question is the relation this has when a Boss Loot is revealed/chosen. Obviously Boss Loots cost either 8, 10, or 13 depending on where the game is currently at, however the Boss Loot cards themselves have no cost number labeled anywhere on them.

    So in the case of Puppy Cuddles, do Boss Loots act as another possible defense to not gain a PAX Pox since there is no cost labeled on it? And for Razor-Sharp, if a crit is rolled, can that player steal a Boss Loot from each of the players, provided that there is a Boss Loot in their discard pile, or does the fact that they again have no cost number on it protect them from this effect?

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    Loots do not have a cost. Doesn't matter if there is an 8, 10, or 13 on the Loot stack.
    So they are a "defense" against Puppy Cuddles and can't be stolen with Razor-Sharp.
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    I am too looking for the same but don't know whether is it available or not.

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