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    Missed Opportunity.

    Just picked up Snack Attack, and while I'm happy with the new cards, I feel you guys missed a big opportunity with it.

    The Cheese Whizzer should clearly have been The Cheese Whizzard. Unless of course a "whizzard" would have been too far outside the realm of militarized eatables, in which case carry on, soldiers.

    Okay serious question though: Plans to add Snack Attack to iOS? I know, "WEHN IOS PLS" is probably your favorite question to answer, but... WEHN?!
    Ryan Skinner

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    i had the same question several weeks ago..
    contacted playdek, and here was their answer:
    "We haven’t announced any Food Fight expansions. Watch our Facebook and Twitter, as well as the websites that cover our games for news."

    so snack attack might never come for ios after all =(
    only time can tell..

    i love food fight too and am eager for the expansion..
    but i am pretty sure it is up to playdek (not cryptozoic) to decide..

    perhaps, if there were enough interests, playdek would do it?!

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