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    Is there any way to make Food Fight more... well, fun?

    I just got the game over the weekend. Played it 1-on-1 with my girlfriend the night I got it. She hated it.

    I played it yesturday with my game group where we did a 6-player game. Nobody liked it, and 3 of the players actually walked away from the game.

    Personally, I think it's kindof fun, but I can definitely see how people would be bored with it (it's fairly slow paced and the mechancs sometimes suck if you play a card that would have been powerful later in the meal but it comes up as your first card due to having to shuffle your troops).

    Anyone have ways they play that make the game actually enjoyable? If not, I think I have a game that nobody ever wants to play again.

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    Feel free to house rule it that you can order your troops how you wish. We made it random so that the game is more replayable. However, for some people the loss of control is a turn off, so better to change that for your group to help with the first impression. Once you can get them to play a couple of times and learn the cards, move them quickly to Drafting, where things are WAY more interesting/fun/strategic.
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    I would definitely try Matt's advice, its like you're putting the game to a whole new level so other players will not get bored or worse walk away when you play.
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    Well, since I couldn't get my people interested, I ended up selling the game to the FLGS we play at and used the money made from it toward buying Penny Arcade: Rumble in R'lyeh

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