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    Trading Card Trade Rules

    Trading Cards Trade Forum Code of Conduct

    1) No buying or selling of cards. This is a TRADING forum, not a BUYING or SELLING forum.

    2) This forum is for Cryptozoic's Trading Card Products only. If you are looking for WoW TCG trades, please head over to this forum:

    3) No profanity, inappropriate content, hateful language or harassment is allowed in any form.

    4) Do not link to unrelated or inappropriate websites. This includes eBay auctions and sales of any kind.

    5) Do not disrupt the forum to draw more attention to your post. This includes, but is not limited to, putting titles or posts in all caps, or excessively bumping posts.

    6) Please do not use the boards for private discussions. This can be done via private message.

    7) Cryptozoic Entertainment assumes not responsibility or any liability of any kind in conjunction with trades. We do not monitor trades, intervene, or mediate disputes for forum members. Any reputation threads are community based and are not endorsed by Cryptozoic Entertainment. Trade at your own risk.

    The Code of Conduct is subject to changes as the community evolves, so please check back regularly to make sure you’re familiar with the rules and regulations of the forum. Have fun!

    The CZE Team
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