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    Dark Knight Rises ?

    Was just wondering if you guys have any plans on releasing a trading card series of The Dark Knight Rises ? Maybe you all could be the first to land a Christian Bale autograph card since he passed on Batman Begins and Terminator Salvation . I really hope you guys can get this one going as I love your products and hoping to get a costume or auto of Bane . Prob. do dual costumes aswell ?

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    I am also facing this problem.

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    Some History About Batman Cards...
    1966 was a big year for Batman cards. Topps issued in five different series, each with their own unique content. Three of the series focused exclusively on the Batman character as depicted in DC Comics. The fourth series chronicled the movie based Batman TV show with Adam West and Burt Ward.

    The set breakdown is as follows:

    1966 Topps Batman Black Bat - 55 cards
    1966 Topps Batman A Series Red Bat - 44 cards
    1966 Topps Batman B Series Blue Bat - 44 cards
    1966 Topps Batman Bat Laffs - 55 cards
    1966 Topps Batman Riddler Back - 38 cards
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    The first three series are differentiated by the color of the bat logo on the card front. Hobby legend Norman Saunders is credited with the artwork.
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    As far as the two live-action sets go, Bat Laffs is identifiable by its white borders. Riddler Back cards have black borders and a puzzle on the back.

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