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    Where can I buy cards from in Australia

    Where can I buy CZE cards from in Australia ?
    I have tried all the dealers listed on the store page
    The only way I will be able to get a case or 2 is via ebay.US
    as I can't find a dealer in Australia or for that matter any boxes in Australian even on
    I want a case on walking dead 2 for my PC . I only buy 2 or 3 case a year but I want to buy more
    I very rarely sell any of my spare cards .
    I would rather keep them & make another mosaic like this ( rather than sell them cheap

    If anyone knows where I can get a case at a good price let me know ?

    Ikon are a distributor & will not sell to me so I can not pre order any cards.they told me to try
    which have no stock of the cards I want to buy.( have a bad range of cards in general)
    I hope that CZE will get another distributor in Australia

    Hope someone can help.

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    guess this is for personal use . There are many good game stories across the country they generally stock them

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