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    WoW TCG Tracker for Android

    Hi, I found this app on the Play Store and was wondering if anyone has already tryed it.
    It doesnt have many reviews but the score is good.

    If anyone tryed it I would like to know your opinions and if it works.

    This app would be great in our Battlegrounds, saving us some time between rounds.

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    it's an awesome app but it still lacks tournament uploads - that's why it hasn't been made public yet.

    this app is from Russian developer who posted his damage counter app today:

    i heard he's working with CZE on this, so his apps might have a future.
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    I went to another stores brewfest over the weekend and the judge there was using it. what she did was she kept track of who played who and who won, then she just went in to the software later and manually paired everyone so that each of the rounds lined up fo what she ran in the app.

    Seems fine to do but its about the same amount of work as just doing it on the computer.
    I guess this is fine if you just want to get together with friends and do it casually.
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    Thx for the replys.

    Guess I'll w8 for it to have the uploads.
    My journeys to the computer between rounds will continue

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    Hi, I'm the judge ndelliskave mentioned. I found the tool useful, except it doesn't yet have options to drop. For weekly bg events and such, especially at stores with other big events on the same day, the tracker may help even without the upload feature. I love that I don't have to run back and forth to the store computer, and I have a few minutes of quiet at the end of the night while I do the paperwork and the upload.

    Sadly, I just upgraded to an iPhone and it hasn't been ported yet.

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