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    Battleground questions from one new to TO, for a gameshop new to WOWTCG

    I have collected WOWTCG cards for years and am now beginning to promote WOWTCG more to others in my community, and my local game shop has signed up and received their initial battleground kits. The employees at the store are fairly familiar with running magic tourneys, but are new to WOW and CZE. I am trying to help out by taking the lead for this game, being a TO some of the time, but as I am new to it have a few questions.

    1. It says on the battlegrounds info that all events must be sanctioned. I think I understand how to sanction and register tournaments as events using the software I downloaded. However if I wish to run special events, such as playing against an aspects Raid or having a day having people run against Dungeon decks, i.e. events that aren't tournaments, are those "sanctioned" using the same software?

    2. I would like to have the store host a War of the Ancients Release event this month. While I presume I just set up a time and sanction the tourney through the software, How are those materials, reward cards, etc. obtained by the store. Does the store have to do something particular to request it directly from CZE? or is it through their distributor, or some other way. Is it too late to request those materials and have time to run it this month? I don't have a lot of behind the scenes game store knowledge, so learning as I go here.

    Thanks for any assistance

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    1. You can, but the system does not easily support this. The best option is to set it up as a Grand Melee event and tick off the win/loss box for each player that wins. Your players won't be ranked, but they and the store will receive credit for having run an event. These sorts of events aren't as critical as just proving you do run regular events a couple of times per month.

    2. Release party promos are sent in the Battleground kit, just like Holiday event promos. This will be the last Release Event. In the future they'll be switching to Pre Release events (which are much better anyway) but they'll be open to many more locations. They only provide the participation promo for Releases (in this case: Glory to the Alliance).
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    Excellent, Thank you. As we have a small player base at the moment, casual events, and introducing people to the game, are going to be just as important as tournaments if not more so in the early going. Especially as a couple of players are starting WOW specifically because of being burnt out from the downside that comes from some of the competitiveness of recent Magic gaming. So I wanted to be able to offer both options throughout the month as sanctioned Battleground events. I'll check with the store and ensure they have what the need in their Battleground kit.

    One more question. At the local level can I be the TO, the level 1 judge for the event, and play in it. From my reading on the rules I think so, because local events are listed as exceptions to the TO playing, but in the software there are separate spots to enter ID's for the TO and judge, and wanted to be sure those could be the same. One of the store staff members will also be a TO, but not sure if he is interested in becoming a level 1 Judge right away, so I will be the only one initially (once I take the test ). Thanks again

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    Yes, that's fine for local level events. A single person may be a player, a judge, and a TO for those.

    Quote Originally Posted by Tournament Policy
    Local: Includes Battlegrounds, Draft Rallies, Sneak Previews, Release Celebrations, Holiday Celebrations and other sanctioned local events.
    I've sanctioned a few multiplayer events at stores. I'm really hoping the Chaos format, or at least a multiplayer Highlander format takes off locally. Those are lots of fun.
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