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    Achievement system

    This is probably an old question but I was wondering if there is a place online to view the achievement list for the current BG. My store does not have there BG kit yet, but I wanted to see what the achievements are so I can plan events accordingly.

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    You can find the achievement scorecard for October here: (there list a download on the left side under Documents).

    In general, the Documents section is where all of the achievements live. So you can browse them all by going to each individual battlegrounds event page from here:

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    i got a question about achivements points. The playmat of battleground have achivements points how they it work in the achivements score pad?

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    It doesn't mean anything in the card game. It's a reference to MMO. When you earn an achievement in that game a small banner appears at the bottom of the screen. Each achievement has a point value relative to the difficulty of the achievement.

    Even if it did, the points value for Battlegrounds achievements resets every scorecard.
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