Finally got my copy and rounded up some friends to try out this awesome game. Our overall impression is that its great, and we are eager to meet again to play many more matches. We really dig the closeness of the matches and are learning and theorycrafting strategies more and more each game. We did however run into a few hurdles that we were hoping could be cleared up. (I don't have the cards in front of me so exact wording won't be provided but I hope I can explain the confusion clearly enough)

Gypsy Trader We get the impression that the card you choose hits play then goes straight to the discard pile of the owner. In the case of choosing an Ally or Weapon, do we get any use of it at all for our turn, can we fight with it? Does it generate gold? Our guess was you don't get to use it but it does generate its gold amount.

Rampage On this one we were confused on how it interacted as a Reaction on an opponents turn. Do they skip their combat phase? If you somehow draw this card after combat is it still legal to play it? This card was fairly confusing in general.

Berzerk(?) When the card mentioned weapon specialization we assumed that meant it gave you a +2 if said hero or ally was wielding their racial weapon. Also in regards to its sacrifice ability - if its the top of the low cost deck and you reserve the high cost card, is it still possible to sac it to gain the high cost card? We got the impression reserving was the last step you could take before you refilled your hand for the turn.

I can't think of the last one but I am sure if these get cleared up we can figure out the rest.

Lastly as far as endgame goes - does the game end as soon as someone hits exalted or is there still a buy phase on that last turn? We ran into a case where Political Agenda was available and would have swung the game in the active player favor. We also were curious in regards to the possibility that Political Agenda could be your reserve card.

Sorry if I misnamed cards, I don't have my set in front of me but wanted to get this posted. Thank you again for the incredible game and hope to see more of 3012.