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    Hang on to the code for future use.
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    Apparently vaporware. Wish I'd googled this before setting up my account.

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    Bought a game that's been released about 2 weeks and it's got this fresh new game hunter code sticker (and only had one of the 1st release bonus cards in it by the way). Just wasted 20 minutes of my life looking for this thing on the website (like many others) before finding this thread. Is this some sort of BS marketing gimmick to drive up the hits on the website maybe?

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    Quote Originally Posted by padruig View Post
    Is this some sort of BS marketing gimmick to drive up the hits on the website maybe?
    I don't think so! It's better that Crypto is concentrating their energy on games as for this code stuff. They will announce it, if it is ready and you allready have a code. Isn't it nice?
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    lol it's been almost 2 years, I'm pretty sure this code stuff isn't going anywhere.

    Even if they do ever implement it, I'm pretty sure it will be completely pointless.

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    Apparently its a cheap shot way of getting us to register for spam. Hooray!

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    looks like this is still not working - just bought two games wit the game hunter code in it - and no way to redeem it yet. any news on when its coming? btw - great drupal website!

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    I bought the Naruto deck building game and wanted to redeem my code. But there still isn't any game hunter code function. It is now 2015, people have been asking since 2012 :O come on guys would be nice to be able to redeem the code that is promised in your games.

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