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    Those are both really old. According to the Metamart web site the second one was from the Dark Portal Sneak Preview event. Card Games Market has the first one listed as a Penny Arcade Expo playmat, so it might have been given out at PAX, but I'm not sure. I haven't been able to find any more information about it.
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    I don't think the mat with the Penny Arcade art was given out at PAX exclusively, though I too have no concrete evidence. I found two of them at a local shop for sale mixed in with an assortment of other sneak preview and Battlegrounds mats. They had been sitting in a back room for years.

    It definitely dates back to Heroes of Azeroth though.
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    The Dudefella playmat was given out at DMFs when a group of 4 went on "Quests for Glory". A list of landmarks/ restaurants/ sightseeing stuff was provided at the start of the DMF & the group could go out and take pictures for of themselves at said places. They'd have to turn in the photos for each person to get the playmat.

    The 1st DMF at Chicago was on Father's Day. I got 4 playmats because I took my 3 kids on the quest as the Father's Day activity.

    See pictures at this link...not me & my kids...
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