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Thread: Promo Cards?

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    Promo Cards?

    Was the game supposed to come with promo cards like Food Fight and Battle Wizards did? I ordered my game from your website and made sure to check the option for the free promo but didn't receive any bonus cards just a bracelet and a button (which I unfortunately already had). Just curious as that was the real reason I ordered from you guys and not some other e-store.

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    There is a promo card pack. I got mine with the game at Gen Con and typically they're included with eStore orders.

    I'd suggest submitting a ticket:

    I was able to get replacements for some missing parts very promptly.
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    Thanks, Benji. I got in contact with customer service (my second time in dealing with Cryptozoic) and they are mailing it out. Cryptozoic, your customer service is probably the best I have ever encountered and they handle their business quickly and efficiently. It was total of 3 emails. That's what I call service!

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