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    First Turn Choices: Line-Up #2

    Your opening hand contains 4 Punches and 1 Vulnerability. This hand produces 4 Power this turn. Depending on the Super Hero that you are, what would you take from the Line-up? #2

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    Batman - Lasso or Catwoman
    Flash - Lasso or Kid flash, most likely Lasso though.
    GL - Anything

    Honestly though I would probably grab Ivy so I could punish people later.
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    Kid Flash AND Catwoman... why not? Cycle deck faster AND have some power lined up.

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    If I get an equipment bonus (Cyborg batman) It would have to be lasso and Catwoman. Flash would have to be Catwoman and Flash. Anyone else I would likely go with Poison Ivy. First turn you will get quite a few draws of poison ivy to build up weaknesses on all of your foes. Plus if later down the road you will want to snatch bizarro to keep and weaknesses from effecting you as well, on top of keeping your downside to become a plus side for someone else.

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