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    Flash Rule Question and Tournaments?

    I had a quick question regarding the Flash. If I have a location and play and I play a card of the type requested by that location to draw a cards do I draw 2 cards? Also when I discard a card as a defense does it count as playing a card (to trigger his ability)?

    I played many games of this over the weekend and had a great time and was wondering if any kind of organized tournament play was being considered for this game? Once more expansions for the "Hero" system I think this would really take off.

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    Location, yes. Defense, no.

    Here is why:

    When you use, lets just say Titian Tower, to draw, Flash's effect triggers because it was a card (Titian tower) that allowed you to draw. You may only draw the 1 additional card though.

    When you play a defense, it is not your turn. Unless the flash beats the villain and the new one is flipped up and you block it. Keep in mind that if you already drew an additional card already, you don't get another card off the defense.

    Also note, that cyborg does not trigger Flash because he is not a "Card".

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    The Flash will never draw a card from a Super Villain's First Appearance attack. This happens between turns, so it can't be his turn and his extra draw effect will not trigger.

    If you are playing on patrol and defend a villain attack during your turn it will trigger his extra draw if you haven't drawn cards yet.
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