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    Superman.... Hero or Zero

    Hi there folks. Have played many a game of DC DB and have come to a conclusion after about thirty games. Does Superman ever win? As a DC fanboy, I had hoped to see an epic ability on Superman's card. It's good, but not as good as the other heroes IMHO. He has been drawn randomly about five times and has been chosen off the hop three and seems to never get the *umph* the extra card draw of Cyborg/Flash/Wonder Woman... or proc +3 (or better) than GL, Batman stomps him hard (had prep time) and Aquaman is actually very decent. So what is the deal here? Was it through play testing and a Man of Steel going off with a deck loaded with Superpowers that prompted the ability to be hampered so? Is there another Superman Hero Card coming in a later expansion? Is this Superman suffering from green k-rock? I mean really, he seems to be very.... underwhelmingman.... not super.

    Just my ramblings... wanted some feedback from others. Please don't take mine to seriously, but, I have removed him from the seven stack of heroes, as nobody in my gaming group (eight people) are interested in playing with him.... kinda sucks having to do that, but, didn't want anyone to feel handicapped (as one person put it)....

    If anyone has found that they have had positive experience/know some great combos aside from MOS or Bat-signal and Robin.... then please post I would love to hear your thoughts. Absolutely loving the game, got it for Christmas, as well as Munchkin (1 game), Gloom (2 games), and Seafarers Cataan (still sealed)...

    It really feels like in a hand with four punches, Supes is the "vulnerability" card. Thanks for listening and hope to hear your feedback soon.

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    Turn 1, buy Kick

    Turn 2, buy Kick

    Turn 3, buy as many Kicks as possible

    Turn 4, see a super power other than Kick? No? Buy up more kicks.

    Turn 5, any Heat or X-Ray Visions around? Otherwise, finish off buying the kicks.

    Any character that can turn 3 buy into 3 more buy every turn can get pretty silly in a hurry.

    Combine with any real deck thinners and you'll be calling Superman Chun-Li in no time.
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    I suggest you re-read Superman's card. A deck full of kicks isn't doing much.
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    I've been saying all along (since the game came out) that Superman is FAR weaker than he should be. The official response (IE someone from Cryptozoic responded) is that the superpowers are strong enough on their own to make Supes' +1 for each different one worth it... I, like you, disagree. I've only seen Supes win once, and that was because he managed to buy Man of Steel early on and on the last turn of the game played it to bring FOURTEEN superpower cards to his hand!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Somnia View Post
    I suggest you re-read Superman's card. A deck full of kicks isn't doing much.
    Buying all the kicks does seem a decent strategy for Superman, though, because it's a stalling move until better superpowers pop. And you'll be able to afford Man of Steel any time it comes out.

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    I think Supes is on par with the rest. The only draw back is there is less superpowers in the main deck than other cards (equipment I'm look at you) and they tend to be fought over. Now kicks are used to supplement this (or for use with supergirl if she pops early). While I do think he's a touch weaker than Bats he is by no means a zero.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Somnia View Post
    I suggest you re-read Superman's card. A deck full of kicks isn't doing much.
    What am I missing? Kick is a Super Power, Superman gets +1 power for every superpower he plays.

    When I played this game as a demo during the CZE tour, it was confirmed by Phil Cape that different means different card, not different name.

    Seems pretty straightforward to me.

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    Different Superpower means different name. Notice how Superman is worded differently than Batman.
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    You might want to ask the game developers on that one. If that's how you're interpreting it, it's definitely not how they intended it.

    While you're at it, ask 'em about Wild Attunement, too. Their interpretation was substantially different than the ones in this set's FAQs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Matt_Hyra View Post
    +1 for each different name, not physical card. If X-Ray Vision reveals another X-Ray, it's +1 total for the two X-Rays.
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