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    A Few Questions...


    Can anyone answer the following?

    • It says that you can pass one of your cards to your team-mate if Team Survivor - does this include corner cards?
    • What happens to your corner cards when you are killed?
    • Can you deposit corner cards if you pass through camp when in Team Survivor?
    • Can the non-lethal bite card be played on yourself, or only other players?

    Love the game, but, damn, is it hard to win (as Team Survivor).

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    1. No, this is just in reference to Scrounge cards.
    2. They go away? Doesn't really matter too much, since they don't do anything for a Zombie player, and there's enough for 4 people to get 1 of each anyway, so they don't need to "return" to the board or anything.
    3. Not sure what you mean exactly, but I'm pretty sure, as with question #1, there's no way to do anything with your location cards.
    4. It's been a little while since I've played so I'm foggy on the exact wording, but I think you can use it on yourself. Post the full text here and we can confirm it.
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    If someone turns to a zombie player, we remove all his/her corner spaces. They are not needed anymore as a zombie. Why do you want to deposit the corner cards in teamplay? It's useless.

    You can play the Non-Lethal Wound Card on every survivor, so that means on yourself too.

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