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    not organizer (yet) but help!!

    Okay I am unsure and sorry if this isnt the best place to post this but i am looking for a few answers and help. I am looking to possibly start tournaments in my area due to the closest place for me and buddies to play would be a few hours away and that isnt going to work. I work at a comic shop and would like to start getting things going but am unsure as to if i dont get a full 4 people for a few getting the ball rolling will that affect me or the store or prize support? i am not interested in selling swag just interested in getting orginized play here in town because all of the other stores have given up on it. any help or hints are greatly appreciated!!

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    Go to and take the short quiz there (the answers you need can be found in Tournament After that, you'll be able to sanction events, which is the first step toward getting Battleground support for your area. Sanction events at a date that works for your group--say, one night a week, or on a Saturday. If you don't get four people--remember to include yourself!--just cancel the event you sanctioned on the TO Dashboard, and play some casual games. Use the same place and time every week so players know when and where they can play.

    If you can, advertise demo nights and other events that are friendly to new players. Sealed and Two-Pack are good formats because they don't require new players to have any cards of their own, if you can get enough packs. You may want to work with the store owner on this.

    If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask
    Jennifer Dery

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    Thank You SOO very much!

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    but... i have never gotten to play since there isnt anywhere within 3 hours of me to play so i dont have a cze id number : / what can i do about that??

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