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Thread: Ruling on Raz.

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    Ruling on Raz.

    Im pretty sure this has been answered, but I do not feel like digging through the forums.

    When Raz is defeated, does he go directly to the bottom of your deck? Does he go to the discard pile then only after he is played go to the bottom of your deck?

    Need an official response, or a link to the thread that has an official response.


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    He only goes to the bottom when you play him. Other cards that do not go directly to the discard pile when gained/defeated, like Solomon Grundy, will specifically say so. The stickied thread at the top has this question.
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    didnt have him by me, and didnt feel like looking it up for a 3 letter word. but thanks for the clarification, i am an awful speler for real.

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