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    Question Exausted allies deal damage?

    When an ally is exausted and becomes the target of an attack from another ally or the hero, does it deal combat damage back to the attacker?
    If so it would make it pointless to attack allies at all when they are exausted.

    Also if a warrior hero attacks with an abaility and "deals" damage, does the hero take combat damage from a ready OR exausted ally?

    Thanks all for any replies!

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    Yes to the first question, and it makes attacking more strategic. You need to empty their board of allies so they can't attack you next turn, but if you're attacking, there's a penalty, and so on. But yes, defending allies do combat damage back. Even when exhausted.

    For the second question, you only take combat damage back if you are in a combat. If you're using an ability that says your hero does damage, it is not combat damage, so they don't take any damage back. Alternatively, if you are using an ability that gives your hero assault or some other form of +ATK that requires them to exhaust and enter a combat, then they take damage from defending allies or heroes like any other combat.

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    Thank you for the clarification, will make things more clear, and I owe an appology to one of my fellow players.

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