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    DC tourney in St. Louis!

    The tourney was a great. We had 23 people, so 6 pods! Top 4 split the prizes evenly, and EVERYONE who entered received a Manhunter Super hero card. In addition, dominoes pizza was bought for all the players (Thanks to Yeti for that!)

    I won with a tie in points but 3 super villains vs 2 from the other person who tied points. Bragging rights here <-

    thanks to all who came out, we might just make this a thing now since the turn out was great!

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    Nice to see a tournament played. Wish they played some around my area. Indianapolis, IN

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    Indi is only like 3 - 4 hours away (depending on if your east side or west side). Come to yeti in STL sometime if we do this again. We are trying to get it to start sooner than 8:30 b/c it ended at 12:45 am. lol

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    Any chance of another tourney in St. Louis? Possibly at geekway?

    Also would be great if there were more manhunter promos left from the tourney.

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    We had 23 people and 25 manhunters. We used the other 2 to pay for pizza for everyone. It was like entree pizza which was really sweet.

    As for another tourney, I am not sure when we want to do another one. How many people would you be bringing?

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    Let me look around.... Oh it's just me.

    Just interested in playing more of the game, not that I'm any good at it. If you had a tourney that also let 8 year olds in, that would make two with my oldest included.

    The manhunter promo just looks cool to have, I think they are still giving them out, but who knows.

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    As long as your 8 year old knows how to play it's not a problem. However, if you have ever been to a gaming store, there can be some language you might not want him to hear.

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    Haha, that would be a concern I guess. We will have to see what happens.

    The one thing I have been trying to figure out now, is if Cryptozoic is still giving out manhunter promo cards. If we could run a tourney would we be able to have a few manhunter promo cards to pass out? Or is it too late for that boat?

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    Not too late. Just have the store contact us about the tourney and we will send some promos.
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    I just posted the request with our group on FB. I'll let you know what is up when people start responding.

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