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    How close is release? using DC as a model

    As the title states this is an effort to see when LotR will release in relation to how DC was handled.
    Most of this info is gathered on the DC forums

    DC released to most FLGS: ~12/4
    DC pre-orders started getting delivered: ~12/8
    Pre-orders started-11/1/12
    Rulebook released online-10/20/12

    So using that as a model the LoTR pre-orders started ~2/5
    no rulebook yet...
    Listed as spring 2013 here:
    and Feb 2013 on the online pre-order page

    If DC is a good indicator then it should be released around 3/5-3/12, here's to hoping we can get a confirmation soon.

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    Uh the worse part is it no longer is listed in the E-store... yikes

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    Ummm...yeah....confirmed. Spring 2013 and outta the eStore. Now I don't mind if the delay is to get a better quality box and better quality cards (Crit totally ripped the quality of the cards and box it comes in at the end of the how-to-play video). If they are taking that to heart, and that's the deal, I'm ok with that.

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    for a few days it listed March 1st as a release date... wth happened to that?!

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    really dissapointed with cryptozoic, batman and this game both had january release dates and both are now in limbo with no definitive date, poor management here.I have 2 orders from coolstuff inc that are being held because of these two games, ( spent 100 on order for free shipping twice ) now both orders are being held because of these delays, be more forthwright with us so we dont have to have funds tied up in games coming out months from now.

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    have already been charged for this game by Cryptozoic

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    have you gotten an email about it shipping yet?
    It is still not in estore. Wonder if the recently confirmed DC expansion will beat this out?

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    I dont know but I am pretty dissapointed, I love cryptozoic, I have 7 of there games( 2 penny arcade, 2 food fight, dc deck, hot rod creeps, battle wizards) but this particular mattar has annoyed me to no end.I was able to cancel both my orders from coolstuff inc.Thank you coolstuff for understanding my frustrations with 3 to 4 month delays from there original release date.

    Honestly I am not even mad about it being pushed back, what I am mad at is the lack of communication between the company and the community.We havent heard diddley squat about the reasons or when it will actually come out.Back in January Tox from crits happens gets a full playable LOTR game and it looks done and ready to ship , now 3 months later nothing.throw us a bone and tell us why its pulled from the online store and why we are being kept in the dark., heck I am still waiting for my fruit fu#@$%@ promo from my order of penny arcade, havent heard from customer support yet other than automated, I am starting to wonder what has happened to this company I loved.....sigh rant over.

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    the only email i got was an order confirmation... then noticed it had already cleared my bank on last months statement

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    Looks like March 28th, according to the mass email.

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