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    Owl Wraith Clarification

    I read the previous thread that discussed how the Owl Wraith should be considered a 10 power for the sake of determining what stack he should go into. I'm happy that got clarified, he seemed way OP for the low level stack.

    My question is in how the cards get separated into their respective piles and how actions apply to the combat.

    Here's the scenario. I decide to go into combat and my opponent plays a scout to block. I have my hero(lvl 3), an ally(3 attack) with a weapon(1 attack), and another ally(1 attack). I also have Skilled Maneuvers and Crude Explosions in my hand.

    Do i get to decide how my cards are divided into the two stacks?
    Must they be divided evenly?
    Can i change who has a weapon equiped?

    Do Crude Explosion and Skilled Maneuvers get applied to both? Only applied to one stack? Can i split the effect between stacks (Crude Explosion adds 2 to stack A and 1 to stack B)?
    If not, would Skilled Maneuvers be worth 2 for each ally in the total combat or just the stack it is applied to?
    Oh no!!! My opponant played Shield, is the additional defense applied to both stack's combats? Divided evenly? Only applied to one stack?

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    You get to decide how to split your cards. They do not have to been divided evenly. A Weapon must be equipped to just one Ally or your Hero and can't be passed between stacks.

    Crude Explosion and Skilled Maneuvers get divided up, just like everything else. You divide the cards, not the combat values. Skilled Maneuvers would count all Allies in both stacks.

    Shield will fully apply to both sides!!!
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    Sounds like fighting the Owl Wraith...
    ( _)>⌐■-■
    (⌐■_■) going to be a hoot!

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