So we've been playing DC deck builder for several months and we still can't understand The Flash's second ability right. The first time we had The Flash in play we had him drawing cards on everything and then found out later that it was very wrong. So the way we ruled it is that the first time a card tells you to draw a card you draw one extra, but if another card tells you to draw a card you don't draw the extra card. ( ex. You have the Watchtower out and you play a supergirl you draw one card due to the Watchtower and one from The Flash's ability. Then you play superspeed you would only draw one card due to the card, but you wouldn't gain one from Flash. Then if you play Lex you only draw three, not four.) Then I started to do some research and saw that a lot of people where in love with The Flash, and I couldn't really see why. I saw that people where playing it that the first time a card tells you to draw a card you draw an extra one (like the ability says). So if you play a kid flash you draw two card, but if you play another one you only draw one. Then if you play superspeed you draw another two cards. If that's true then The Flash becomes every OP, and not a lot of fun to play against cause a lot of cards have drawing powers. (ex. start of you turn, Watchtower already out in play, you play kid flash [draw three cards - one kid flash, one Watchtower, one The Flash's ability], then you play super speed [draw two cards - one superspeed, one The Flash's ability] then you play two face if you guess right then you draw that card [draw two cards - one guessing right for two face, one The Flash's ability], then you play penguin [draw three cards - two for penguin, one The Flash's ability]) So you see it becomes really out of hand with all of the drawing power you have. You drew ten EXTRA cards that weren't in your hand earlier.

So I guess what my real question is is what is the ruling on The Flash's ability? Does he only draw on extra card a true and become shy of worthless, or Does he draw an extra card for every card that tells him to and become OP?