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    Crisis 3 Strategy?

    We need help. I was hoping that the creators may be able to give some suggestions on how to go about beating Crisis 3. We've had a lot of trouble trying to beat it and often get destroyed. We don't feel we can even play the Hidden Agenda variant because of the struggle of getting through the Crisis. We know teamwork is important, but we need more. So some questions...

    We feel like we only have a chance with Sinestro and Black Adam in play. Are they absolutely necessary? Is it even possible to win without them? And is doing it with five players impossible?

    The World is Ours and The Outsider are just brutal. What is the best way to get through them? We need to get all Villains out of the Line Up just to beat the Crisis, but there are lots of Villains in the main deck. Twelve of them have a cost 5 or greater, which take a long time to defeat since we are already swimming in Weaknesses and Vulnerabilities. By the time four Heroes come out and we've eliminated all Villains in the Line Up, we are about one-third of the way through the deck. Is that normal?

    Atomica is a PITA. Any suggestions other than "don't destroy all your 4 or less cost cards"?

    Similarly, many Crisis cards require specific costs of cards. Should we keep everything in our decks just in case a certain Crisis comes out? Seems counter-intuitive for a set that specializes in destroy.

    Crisis Mazahs! is HUGE at the end. He usually is over 25 unless you are lucky enough to discard a Weakness. Is that the point? What else can you do that doesn't take time to buy every single card?

    ANY help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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    I personally think Bane is essential to success as well. He can store cards under his hero just for beating the upcoming crises. I have seen virtually zero success in anything more than 3 players and not without Bane. Black Adam & Black Manta also pair well.

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    Better to discuss strategy with other players. I'm sure some other voices will be along shortly.

    One thing I will mention: Since there are Crises that require cards with cost 3 and 4, and there is also Atomica... it would certainly behoove you to avoid destroying all of your cards with cost 4 and under.
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    The one thing about this set of crisis, is that you wont really get punished hard for leaving your lineup big early, like you could in the other sets if Frozen City of Draining the Emotional Spectrum came out. No harm in letting the lineup get too big then buying destruction later on after Outsider is gone. Something I always remind new players of, is that you dont have to completely always use your whole power. Sometimes saying "I still have X power left", can be a game changer if they fill up their deck with useless stuff that clogs their deck the whole game.

    For Crisis Mazahs!, The fact that you can buy cards from the destroyed pile makes a huge difference. You could stack up on VPs and just use an incredibly powerful Manbat Serum. I have found that constantly buying and destroying Steve Trevor helps out as well. Have one person buy and destroy, so the person with Boomerang can draw out their whole deck.

    You could also buy Superwoman and Ultraman afterwards, just make sure that destroyed cards are bought that can help. My group has started to get used to it, but we have difficulty sometimes when Atomica comes out. If Perfect Eclipse comes out 2nd, thats pretty much game over for us.

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    For The Outsider and This World Is Ours, you need to beef up your decks with Kicks and Power before you start clearing the lineup of Villains and polluting your decks with Weaknesses. Keep Heroes in your decks until a 4th Hero shows up in the lineup. Then contribute them.

    With Atomica, you may have to bite the bullet and use Super-Intellect, Secret Society Communicator, or Amanda Waller to destroy something powerful to get ahead.

    Crisis Mazahs' biggest threats are Man Bat Serum and the Crime Syndicate. At the endgame, Ultraman, Owlman, Superwoman, and Power Ring should each be generating +10 power.

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    While not strategy, just a bit of added info. Nathaniel and I generally run Harley Quinn and Bizarro (respectively) and all the characters have won multiple games in testing.

    These are also usually 4 player games (with the other 2 players picking from among the other characters).
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    I still advocate the Stargirl method of success (or the "rebuild the deck" approach). Also, don't be afraid to keep some attacks in your deck as they can come in handy when trying to get people to use effects or cycle their hand with defense cards (gaining VP from Commissioner Gordon can be very useful for certain characters or cards). We had a game recently where one player had a big deck due to buying lots of cards from the main deck for various Crises/circumstances. They ended up having Boomerang in hand while a ton of attacks and additional draws were being thrown around due to Stargirl's and ongoing abilities. That player had a hand of roughly 15 cards at the start of their turn and would up having enough power to buy Crisis Mazahs (at roughly 30 cost due to destroyed pile) without playing any of the high power generating villains. Sometimes, it pays to be lucky.

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    The game our group won the first weekend I had the set had four players, with me piloting Lex Luthor, and the others being Deathstroke, Black Adam, and Black Manta. Over the course of the game, I randomly grabbed Harley, Bizarro, and Bane; we never ran into an issue of being too short on VP due to some key early buys.

    One of the clutch plays included encouraging other players to repeatedly attack me with Power Armor in hand (acquired during a Permanent Eclipse!), then using Harley to pass it on once my deck was thinned out. We had 20+ card piles once Mazahs! showed up, but decks that could generate enough Power that we picked one type (Heroes) and cleaned out the stack in one round of turns. After that, it didn't take long for someone to discard a Hero and hit the sweet spot.

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    The only times my group has had any issue is if we hit either Trinity War or Permanent Eclipse after The World Is Ours. I think as long as you send a few rounds building your decks before defeating The Outsider you should be fine

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    Atomica and Permanent Eclipse is brutal.

    Atomica and Corrupted Companion is game breaking.

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