As an RPG junkie, I’ve read a ton of lore descriptions for fantasy worlds that start with the beginning of time, millions of years ago, when a bunch of stuff happened that I may or may not learn to care about.

“Forty-eight centuries after the Ensorceling, the Whatsawhosits and the Habblebabbles fought the War of the Yarbles!”

How many times have you read fantasy lore that started off like that? Are you truly expected to care about the Whatsawhosits and Habblebabbles right off the bat?

For me, the essential hook to any RPG world isn’t what happened in the distant past, but what is going to happen to your character in the immediate future. What kind of creature do you want to be? Where will your adventures take you? What characters will you meet, befriend, romance, or kill? What decisions will you have to make? These are the questions that RPG players actually care about, and the background lore is there to provide the context. You can learn to care about Whatsawhosits and Habblebabbles once you are absorbed in your character’s journey.

So, what kind of character can you create? Our playable races are divided into two primary factions: the dauntless Ardent and the conniving Underworld.

The Ardent races include the following:
Human: The humans are generally concerned with chivalry and the protection of the weak.
Coyotle: The coyotle are a cunning and proud folk, nomadic wanderers and nimble hunters who only kill what is necessary to survive.
Elf: The elves are the great artists of the world, master craftsmen and renowned performers.
Orc: The orcs are a fanatically religious race whose society revolves around the zealous worship of their Mountain God.

The Underworld races include the following:
Necrotic: The necrotic are the corpses of the long-dead human nobles that have been “awakened” by the Hexing Gems and are infested with an alien consciousness that has an unknown and dangerous purpose.
Shin’hare: The shin’hare are a hyper-aggressive race of rabbits that are primarily motivated by an insatiable desire to conquer and oppress.
Dwarf: The dwarves are experts in the application of pure destructive force, constructing machines and robots to cause massive devastation.
Vennen: The fanatical vennen are a hybrid of orcs and spiders who seek to inflict as much pain on the world and the blasphemers that populate it.

Head on over to the Story section of our website to get more details on all the player races.

HEX is unlike any game that’s ever existed. We have attempted to create a vibrant MMO world using the mechanics of a TCG. So, what kind of world is Entrath?

The starting place for any description of our story are the Hexing Gems. These powerful magical artifacts were scattered across the world when the mysterious crystalline meteor known as Hex smashed into the planet. As the denizens of Entrath learn to exploit the Hexing Gems for their immeasurable and enigmatic powers, power struggles erupt, alliances form, and an intrepid adventurer (you) take your first steps into a turbulent and dangerous world.

So now are those Whatsawhosits and Habblebabbles starting to look more interesting? If so, click on over to the History section of our website, where you can get a more extensive overview of what we have planned for the many tales of HEX we can’t wait to tell once the game launches.