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Thread: Utopian Chaos

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    Utopian Chaos

    EDIT - I am going to close open registration at this point. Sorry to everyone else who is interested. We will organise an application process for those who are still interested.

    Please visit the website and follow the link to the forums to sign up. Feel free to hang out and talk about things. Active participants will be considered for guild membership

    Ok, taking this post seriously, cause I like the idea of being part of the first large guild on launch!

    Who am I?

    Im a 20-something guy who loves strategy gaming. I love Card games, TCGs, Board games and aRPGs and turn based tactical simulators! I have been hooked on MtG since the first time I opened a Gaia's Liege in a booster. However, I have recently moved and my "local" store is more than an hour and a half away, so I have started scouring the internet for alternatives!

    What do I want?

    I really want to be involved in a game (or two) with a great, healthy, friendly community. As much as I am excited about Hex, about all the new cards, all the new mechanics, all the new equipment and raids and lions and tigers and bears... I am REALLY excited about the community! One of the best things about hobby gaming is going into the store on your day off, and leaving when they shut the doors for the night. Hanging with the guys, joking about powerlevels over and above 9000, rainbow farting feline pastries and all the other stupid shit guys like me get amused by. I want that, but I want to be able to do it while wearing my Pikachu Onesie.

    What are my goals?

    I envision Utopian Chaos to be more Utopia, less Chaos. I would LIKE to field some of the better players in the guild. I would like to churn out World Champion Hex players, while still encouraging relaxed friendships and dicking around with PvE content. But more important than any of that is creating a respectful environment for people to relax and enjoy the game at their own pace. I want to surround myself with experts and noobs alike, and hope that we can work together to increase the enjoyment of the game with a sense of belonging and camaraderie.

    I want to take the douchebag anonymity Theory and punch it in the face. We may not know each other personally, but I want us all to recognise there are people on the other end of those monitors, and those people are probably pretty awesome.

    I also want to become the prominent Hex Youtube personality. If you are in my guild, I will probably harass you to watch and subscribe to my channels. I'll make up for it by trying to get a video with you, be it in a pvp or pve context! (Save yourself future harassment, go subscribe to my youtube channel now! Link in my signature)

    I am a competitive player, I am not all hugs and puppy dogs and carebear stares. I would like to have some people who really wanna push their game to the limit to grind out matches against the meta before tournaments, staying up way too late for something that really doesnt matter, but having a great time while doing it!

    I want other people who share all these ideals to come into the fold and help me make a great guild!
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    Heh, i definetly am going to be looking for a guild, but i'm worried about stacking too many people with the guild leader perks.

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    What do you envision your guild doing?

    Will it be mostly people who want to raid together? draft junkies? tournament testers? just dudes looking to hang out?

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    I would love joining a guild as soon as I decide what I want to do .
    I am a huge fan of PvE , but LOVE drafting as well ... not sure if I will ever have enough good cards for contructed though xD
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    I honestly dont think there will be a focus. I like dueling, going head to head. I enjoy tournaments. I LOVE LOVE LOVE drafting and sealed. And I am SUPER excited to hit the PvE scene.

    If I had to pick a major and minor focus, I would say Drafting, PvE. But Id rather not do that.
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    I might be interested, but it's hard to say at this early stage.
    I am not sure where I stand with this game yet, or where my friends stand.

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    As I mentioned on the kickstarter comments: The update of the initial post does at least get my interest now, while I didn't feel comfortable at all at first. I do have some questions though, since I'm still deciding whether or not to join or found a guild on my own:

    a: Are you planning on setting up a decent homepage / forum?
    b: Are you going to stay that involved with HEX, like you did for the last 1-2 days? I'm a bit worried due to all the Infinity Wars-Talk from you up to now.

    Community Management is something very important to me and a stable foundation is key to the success of a guild. I am planning on taking my TCG-Play to the next level with HEX and I'll definitively draft and play tournaments regularly, but respect and solidarity is very important to me. I'm not very fond of forcing people into a playstyle they dislike and I'm not very fond of people trying to become some celebrity due to loud-talking.

    I'm not saying you are trying to, I'm just raising my concerns, because HEX is something that really did blow my mind and since I'm no guild hopper and want this to be an awesome ride all the way, I'd rather carefully make a decision regarding a guild from the start

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    Definitely sounds interesting. Will you try to get a good mix of players from all over the world or will you focus on one region?

    I am in Sweden so I would like to join a guild that has a good number of people in the same time zone.

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    @Storm Im a loud personality. Its true. I find things I am passionate about, and I stick to them. Infinity Wars was my sole passion until hex came along. These two passions are not mutually exclusive. Yes, I plan on being as involved in Hex as I am currently, even more so when there is something to be involved in :P

    Trying to gain celebrity by speaking loud. Perhaps...? I wont say no. Is it bad to want to be admired and respected among your community? Is it bad to want to be a known source of information and assistance? If you look at all my posts in the forums, I have tried hard to encourage conversation, I have tried hard to discourage arguments. If you look at my current videos on Youtube, more than show off the gameplay of Infinity Wars (and my leet skills), I try and TEACH the gameplay of Infinity Wars. I am currently considered the "top tier" player over there, and I have helped many others raise their game. I enjoy creating videos, I enjoy people thanking me for the time I take to make them and the skills they learned watching them. Its not about celebrity status, its about community.

    I see we both value community equally, and that is a trait I am looking for in other guild members. I do NOT want elitists. I want people who will take the time to answer questions, or if they dont have the time, at least point the asker in the right direction. Long term, I want my guild to be the direction others are pointed to.

    No, I wont be maintaining a website, as I am completely illiterate when it comes to that stuff. Id appreciate it if someone with those talents were to come aboard though :-) One thing I would do though is pay for a Ventrilo server so that we can indeed speak with each other and get to know each other. I think thats an important aspect.

    @Rapkannibale I hope for Utopian Chaos to be a multicultural affair. Already people have addressed concerns my timezone might mean we dont get to play together, but I hope to have enough people from all over the world that there is always enough people to talk to and play with.
    "The way their wizard beards curl betwixt their cleavage and around their breasts... pretty hot!"

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    @WWKnight Personally I think your kind of personality is perfectly suited for a guild leader. They need to be vocal so they can not only represent their own views but also the ones of fellow guild members that are maybe not as outspoken or like to keep to themselves.

    I can also completely relate to how you are very passionate about a project and, provided you have the time, there is nothing preventing you from being active in more than one game. Personally I only have time for one and it looks like Hex will be the one. First I thought it was going to be Hearthstone but that was before Hex.

    I will check out your YouTube channel and provided the game funds I will be happy to join UC.


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