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Thread: Security of Accounts / Preventing Cheating :D

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    Security of Accounts / Preventing Cheating :D

    Hey guys I know that this is something that it very important to everyone and I have seen frequently mentioned around so I just wanted to make an "Official" Thread for it. I wanted to start off by asking the dev's:

    1) What do you have planned for preventing people from phishing schemes or keyloggers and such. I know that many people didn't like it but, I loved WoW's and now authenticator. I thought it was a great way to make sure people never got control of my account. I don't know what the copy rights are on an authenticator like way of protecting accounts but if possible, I would suggest something like this for people that really care about their accounts. Especially when I'm getting all these great exclusives from kickstarting.

    2) I was curious if there are things out there looking for cheating. I honestly have never competed online tcg scene before but I would assume that there are people always trying. Is there anything you can tell us about how protected we are from dealing with these players / if it's possible?

    Thanks a lot for your work guys and keep it up!
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    If we are allowed to openly trade between accounts, then I'd just like to stress that this openly encourages account theft. I'd very much like to have open trading between accounts, but I'd also like a good amount of protection behind it. And having had an account hacked before and "compensated" for my lost items and tainted character, I'm very cautious about account security.

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    There's been a lot of talk on other threads about the use of authenticators. I feel like a broken record but If we had them then it would increase my confidence in the game ten-fold.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Devaux View Post
    There's been a lot of talk on other threads about the use of authenticators. I feel like a broken record but If we had them then it would increase my confidence in the game ten-fold.
    I just feel as though it is a fool proof way making sure things are secure. And it's so easy to make and it can be free on iOS and Android which are services that Hex is already side planning to being ported to. Which actually on second thought will be interesting how you go from one to the other really quick before the timer runs out. Good thing I can remember 9 numbers for the 13 seconds it takes to type them in again.
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    I'd also breathe a lot easier with an authenticator set-up. +1
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    +1 to an authenticator being a good idea. You could offer a physical one for a small price (or a stretch goal hint hint) and a free mobile one.

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    Agreed. It's such an obvious step for anything where you have a significant chunk of money invested into an account that I assumed it would already be in the works. It's making me a bit nervous that they haven't confirmed it yet, but I'm confident it will be in by launch.

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    I was thinking about this a lot. Especially with their being Real Money based in the Auction House...I'm sure most of us know how that went for Diablo III.
    Though I'm scared this game will turn into a "Pay-to-Win" model, security needs to be looked as specifically for that reason.
    Authenticators are a great idea. I would like to see PayPal as a payment option, mainly because if someone does steal an account PayPal will reimburse you 100% on money stolen through PayPal.
    A friend of mine also came up with a good idea: Being able to link 1 payment option that's locked onto the account. The only problem with this is: people change banks etc...
    But security will be needed for sure.

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