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Thread: Noob Question - Digital Booster Packs

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    Noob Question - Digital Booster Packs

    I grew up with Pokemon TCG and MTG, but I've been weary of stepping foot in the digital TCG realm as I'm skeptical of how digital booster packs are assembled. Can anyone give me a rundown on how digital boosters are assembled?

    Back in the day, if I saw a kid with a Charizard, he had to have gotten it from a booster (or card shop, whatever) but with online stuff, I feel like there's no guarantee that all cards are available. For some reason I just fear being shafted.

    But I do really want to get into this game, so someone calm my anxieties please.

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    From what we've heard, it'd be roughly:

    11 Common
    3 Uncommon
    1 Rare/Legendary

    As for the actual algorithms... that's anyone's guess.

    And some sort of 'bonus' for every 15 card booster pack.

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    All PVP cards are available via boosters (except alternate art).

    Each Booster is $2 and contain 15 cards.
    1-rare or Epic (the ratio of Epics to rare hasn't been stated that I know of. But in WoW TCG it was about 1:10 or 1:20)

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    Thanks for the replies. My question was more aimed at the technicality though, which I'm guessing the exact specifics are some sort of top secret, but like are the the Boosters pre-formed, and you unlock a random set of predetermined cards? Or is it randomly generated every time you purchase a new pack?

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    I imagine it would be randomly generated. Would it matter anyway? If they included every single variation of card combinations, you would have approximately the same chance either way.

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    They will probably run as if it were a physical print run to ensure there is a real distribution of cards. If it were truly random, you could open up the same 15 cards in every booster and that wouldn't be very fun would it??
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    Well, currently we know that each card has its own unique ID ("CID") so I'd imagine boosters and other inventory would be the same.

    With RNG and a few other things, I'm sure everything would be unique unless you can work out the algorithm... and even then, they could change it easily.

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    I hadn't read about the CID yet, cool. Thanks for all the insight folks.

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    To be fair, that is possible in real life too - only so many combinations are possible, and I have seen people open 2 boosters, only to have 5-6 doubles. It is just not avoidable.

    And as long as they do it right, it will feel like a real TCG experience, random or not.

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