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Thread: [CBB] Clan BlackBlade - Competitive PvP / Organized PvE

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    Lightbulb [CBB] Clan BlackBlade - Competitive PvP / Organized PvE

    Hello. I would like to formally introduce you to Clan BlackBlade. We are a long standing gaming community focused on developing a friendly and professional level of competition for the game Hex: Shards of Fate.

    [Who We Are]

    Our guild has been around for over 15 years and have participated many events ranging from TCGs to MMOs at both the casual and competitive levels. Many of our veteran members are also experienced Players, Tournament Organizers and active gaming community members that work hard to promote excitement for their product and game.

    [What We Offer Competitive Players]

    • Theory Crafting
    • Deck Analysis
    • Metagame Dissection
    • Probability
    • Draft Discussion
    • Guild sponsored tournaments (prizes provided by guild)

    Players looking to participate in a more competitive scene can find regular competitions and discussions to find out the best ways to excel in the game of Hex. We will analyze the game from every angle, from dissecting the metagame to statistical analysis and probability. Our #1 goal is to be among the best at creating World Class Tournament Players in Hex.

    [What We Offer Raiders and PvE Players]

    • Frequent Dungeon Crawling
    • Weekly Raids
    • Theme Deck Play
    • Keep Offence and Defense Strategy
    • Clan sponsored PvE tournaments (prizes provided by guild)

    The guild's Dungeon, Raid, and general PvE Content support provides a friendly and diverse atmosphere that's always playing and looking to have the most fun out of what the game has to offer. Our PvE community has been one the longest lasting in any MMO we've played and Hex is something we are truly committed to for years to come.

    We feel that in working with the Cryptozoic community, we can achieve something truly exciting for players, both part of Clan BlackBlade or those simply playing against us in a match.

    [Attitude is Everything]

    At Clan BlackBlade, we believe that good attitude is essential for success. We promote a mature environment for all of our players and have Zero Tolerance policy towards any form of discrimination in any official or guild forum. We believe that every members contributes both to the success of the guild, but also its image in how we are portrayed by the rest of the community. We understand the stress and excitement that comes with competitive and casual play, but we will however act swiftly against those that are not exercising good sportsmanship conduct.

    We provide an extensive Code of Conduct which is required by all members wishing to join our guild. This covers everything from good sportsmanship to a professional demeanor when interacting with anyone within the Hex community.

    [Our Commitment to the Hex Community]

    All of our founding members are dedicated to this game with most of our players contributing at least $500 on average (most at $1,000) to the Kickstarter campaign. We are serious about making Clan BlackBlade one of the best gaming communities in Hex: Shards of Fate. We have even begun the development of various community tools open to all players of Hex to enhance the games reach throughout the digital community and beyond. We hope to see you soon.

    If you'd like to know more, visit us online at

    [Membership Statistics]

    Clan BlackBlade welcomes players from all time zones to achieve a truly international guild. Approximately 50% of our members (as of June 17, 2013) are from locations outside of the United States with varying play times to make our guild very active during every hour of the day.

    [How to Apply]

    In order to apply to Clan BlackBlade, we recommend that you first create an account with, the hosting service that manages our application module. Once completed, head over to and click on "APPLY FOR MEMBERSHIP".
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    this seems interesting. I'm in for $250 pro player tier. when the game goes beta I'll be actively seeking this or a guild like this.
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    Hello Littlejon24!

    We have our guild website up and running:
    We'd love to have you stop by to meet our members and chat with us on our forums
    Let us know what you think about some of the ideas we have on future guild events!

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    Tagged for future reference. Played competitive WoWTCG and MTG. And as you can see, I used to be a champ for wowtcg. I will stalk for you for a while! Best of luck! .
    Apparently, I have attitude issues.

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    Thank you for the well wishes freudinio! We've actually gotten quite a response on our website in the past few days and have made major changes to the site's look and feel. Feel free to stop by anytime you're curious.

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    We have updated the content of our site with more information as well as improving the overall look and feel. Thank you to everyone that has helped to contribute to the site and a special thanks to those that have applied to be part of Clan BlackBlade.

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    Hey, other people living in Hawaii.

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    That's a good reason to join. You'll be playing with people on the same time zone. (=

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