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Thread: [CBB] Clan BlackBlade - Competitive PvP / Organized PvE

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    Longstanding member of CBB here. I've been gaming with these guys for more than a decade. Very dedicated, but at the same time not controlling (you know the type, if you've ever been in a guild where people want to force you to play a certain way). Do your own thing, but there's people there for you if you want to take it to the next level too.

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    Tried filling out your recruitment forms, don't believe it's working currently, just kept returning to the same page with no errors. May want to check it out.

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    Hi Gwaer, thank you very much for your interest in the guild. The forms module which houses the recruitment questionnaire does not always provide feedback for any missing fields. If all of the forms are filled out correctly, I recommend creating an account with before submitting an application to the guild to ensure a smoother process that rules out authentication or CAPTCHA as being the culprit for the issues.

    If all else fails, we can take you interest to join the guild from these forums and call it good.

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    Signing up at definitely did the trick, thanks.

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    Hey This looks like it might be a good fit for me and more than likely my friend as well. I am backing at the pro player tier and am hoping to pick up a king as well before this is over. Ill be looking you guys up on your web site here shortly.

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    This sounds like a guild in-line with my interests in this game. I'm very interested in the strategies and experience the PVP play will offer, and I like the sound of the PVE content HEX will include. I've backed the project as a Pro Player, and may be upgrading to Grand King. I'm a big MMO & TCG fan, but haven't had much opportunity to play either at a competitive level - I'm intrigued by the system that HEX offers, and I think I'd really enjoy the theory-crafting process of this game; want to find a guild with like-minded players. Will be keeping an eye on you guys.

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    Hello CodexReaper, thank you for expressing your interest. When you are ready, hop over to our site and register! We've had a great response for membership this week with many players looking to help take Hex gaming to the next level! Hope to see you soon!

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    Our recruitment thread has been updated to include some of the great ideas provided by our members. Come check us out at

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    I was considering running my own guild--I've been GM in every game I've played. However, what you stand for goes hand-in-hand with what I believe in and how I approach mine. I currently run a capped guild in WoW of 1000x members.

    Long story short, I would like to join up instead of running against. LMK

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    WOW! We've received some great applications and responses today! Thank you very much for all of the interest and support from the diverse group of players in this community! We can't wait to play with you all when the game is available for play!

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