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Thread: 3x Pro Player Tier?

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    Shoubushi, I think the lure of crafting your own card is pretty tempting, and depending on the freedom they have, and the use the card will get - if it becomes a PvP staple, it would be worth it. If it became an epic PvE reward, probably worth it. If it is a junk common... Well, your work would be in everyones hands I guess.

    Still, 2x grand king tier sounds like a better overall deal.

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    So If I want 2 additional Pro Tier on top of my Current Grand King, Can I just increase my kickstarter Pledge to $1000?

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    Quote Originally Posted by UDareUTake View Post
    So If I want 2 additional Pro Tier on top of my Current Grand King, Can I just increase my kickstarter Pledge to $1000?
    I think the idea is to make two new 250$ payments on another account with same email and paypal with same email to do it.
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    Yup I saw the first post, but I was just wondering if I could simplify it by just pledging an amount from one source (KickStarter) and sort it out later with them instead of having to pledge thru kickstarter on 2 different accounts and 1 from paypal

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    Quote Originally Posted by UDareUTake View Post

    How much have u spent so far? Im $500 into this at Grand King, and im now considering either of the below option

    1) Additional 1 Pro Tier
    2) Addtional 2 Pro Tier
    3) Additional 1 Grand King
    I took three pro player tiers for 750$. Thats by a long shot where I get the most out of it myself and even though I would like to, spending more is not an option

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    Re: $1500 pledge
    Originally Posted by WWKnight
    With a 1500 pledge, do I get to choose Dragon and Grand King when the kickstarter ends? Or do I need to make a new kickstarter account to pledge the extra $500?

    Honestly, I'm not really sure how Kickstarter works, but the way I see it is to create new accounts and have them all pick the pledges you want. That way it will be easy to append the correct flags to the correct account as we'll know what you want to do.

    Just do it that way, then you cant go wrong.
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    Great ... looks like I am going to have to increase my pledge now. THANKS A LOT GUYS

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    Two Pro Player tiers seems strictly better than one Grand King if you are more interested in PvP than PvE. 150 additional packs plus an extra free draft per week for life at the loss of mostly just PvE stuff.

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    At this rate pro player tier will sell out faster than grand king
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    So I'm confused. Can you have multiple kickstarter accounts with the same email? If I wanted to add a second pro player pledge what would be the easiest way of doing it? Use PayPal with the same email as my kickstarter account? Thanks!
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