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Thread: Stretch Goals

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    I was thinking more along the lines of the Kickstarters get a perk that lets them use the AA/EA or whatever art they get either attached to their account, or attached to the card, that lets them disguise other cards they are using. If it is attached to the account, then they could use it anytime they use one of that kind of card, if it is attached to the card they can only use it when they include the AA/EA card in the deck.

    It means each card could stilll be unique and rare, but let the player have matching sets.
    That would either be self-only or require a system to flag potentially inappropriate art.
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    Inappropriate? If it is a skin on a card per card basis, or a set of 4 basis, where could it be inapproriate? I don't quite follow... I don't see any offensive content in this game, and it wouldn't affect other players cards, so how exactly do you mean it?

    EDIT: Wait, I think I might have figured out what you mean - I mean art from within the game, not custom player art - so people can use the exclusive art they have earned on more than one card, so they don't have mismatched cards.

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    Misread that as being able to upload your own AA and select it. My bad.

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    No worries, I guess it could be easily misread. I, in turn, misread yours - it happens haha.

    But yeah, earning skins for cards, it would be a nice feature. The card that had the art originally would still have more value of course.

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    I would like some type of "hardcore" and/or "Individualistic" PvE modes. Hardcore of course if you lose a pve match the character dies (or simply reverts to normal), it would basically be for bragging rights/self challenge. Individualistic (im sure there is a better name) would be limited to only cards earned by that hero in the PvE mode (plus starter deck) and have some ability to convert to normal as well. Again it would be for bragging rights/self challenge.

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    Okay here are my suggestions for higher tiers ($250 and Grand king) because nothing special is set:

    Guild Master
    -> guild name reservation
    -> 10% gold & loot for all guild members

    Raid Leader
    -> one exclusive equipment card
    -> one exclusive epic boss

    -> more alternate arts per year
    -> 1 or more Primal pack(s)

    Pro Player
    -> 6 months VIP
    -> unique leaderboard with exclusive prizes

    Dungeon Crawler
    -> 1 or more Primal pack(s)
    -> 1 unique game board

    Grand King
    -> 1 year VIP (and everything above)

    I think more people would go to Grand King (I will) ^^ tell me what do you guys think.

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    Hm, if there was a unique raid for people partied with the Raid Leader and a unique dungeon for people with Dungeon Crawler, that really would be enough to make thos two much more worthwhile. Still not sure that that buff to Guild Master brings it up to par with everything else; after all, they've already posted that reserving guild names for Guild Leaders should be in, so you're jsut getting 10% more loot, which isn't too great.

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    Assuming the dungeons and raids are good, then they probably take quite a bit of effort to design. Making them exclusive to a very, VERY small number of people is a bad decision.

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    Latest update is up and says more stretch goals will be coming this weekend. Currently with Paypal and Kickstarter the count is at $653k

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    Perhaps add to the % of a Primal booster to the higher tiers. Like if the overall rate is .1%, Collector tier gets .2% (Non-stackable), Grand King get .5 etc etc up to like 2% for Director level.

    Just a thought
    Grand King......maybe more

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